Cannon Blast 1.1

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Cannon Blast 1.1

Mesaj  Admin Bir Paz Eyl. 09, 2007 8:56 am

Cannon Blast v1.1
PC Game | 15.2mb | RS.COM
Set sail for an action-puzzle adventure that’s full of cannon-blasting fun! Grab and shoot all the explosive cannonballs in your path before Sharksword and his pirates sink your ship! Collect all the dazzling treasures of the oceans, and meet a zany cast of characters on this colorful swashbuckler’s quest.
* Unlimited Play
* Incredible 3D Graphics
* 100 Challenging Levels
* A Cast of Crazy Characters
* Helpful Power-Ups

Mesaj Sayısı : 240
Kayıt tarihi : 09/09/07

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